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SA Cable and Pipe Locating

SA Cable Locating is a 100% South Australian owned company based in the Adelaide Hills. We provide a fast and professional service, locating underground cables and pipes for construction, earth moving contractors and private residences. We use the latest technology and non-invasive detecting equipment and are able to meet all your specialised underground locating needs. Prompt, reliable and efficient service designed to locate what is hiding beneath your property.

SA Cable offers a comprehensive utility locating service to Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. We identify what type of utility cables and pipes are present, where they are; as well as how deep. With this information, contractors and home owners can then begin excavation with the peace of mind that they know where they can dig safely.

Our certified utility locators come to your property and using state-of-the-art electromagnetic detection devices, locate and mark out the pipes and cables that are situated underground. We also provide a very accurate GPS mapping service providing you with accurate GPS coordinates and depths for the utilities located.

Save yourself time and money and contact the local SA cable locating service before you dig. It could literally save you $$$$ thousands.

Dial Before You Dig, let us do the work for you and get all your Dial Before You Dig approvals, or click here to go to Dial Before You Dig www.1100.com.au. Once we have the details from Dial Before You Dig, which only provide services location up to your boundary, we then come to your worksite to mark out the location of the cables and pipes on site.  We also mark how deep they are according to AS5488.

Do you know what cables and pipes are under your block?

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Do I Need To Have My Services Located Prior To Commencing Works?

Anytime someone digs into the ground whether they are a contractor or a homeowner; there is the risk of hitting underground services or cables. This could be an expensive mistake at best and potentially dangerous at worst.

Failure to accurately identify and locate underground services and utilities prior to commencing works could lead to the following consequences:

  • Injury or death to workers and the public
  • Damage to underground services, including pipes and cables
  • Financial liability for repair costs for damage to underground services
  • Interruption of services to people and businesses

Our Services Include

Underground Cable and Pipe Locating

At SA Cable & Pipe Locating we are able to easily locate underground power or telephone cables by use of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) locators. These devices detect the electromagnetic field emitted by the power and telephone cables underground. This type of locating device is one of the original means of detecting these cables and is still one of the fastest means to detect underground powered utilities.

We utilise a method called induction locating, where we induce a signal into the cable and then use our receivers to detect and map out that signal on your property.

This method of cable location is particularly effective for locating cables that contain some kind of metal (typically power and telephone cables). It is not as effective for fibre optic cables.

Mapping underground cables with EMF detector Woodside South Australia

This locating service can also be used for the following:

  • Gas pipes
  • Fuel/oil pipelines
  • Water pipes
  • Lighting cables
  • Electrical cables
  • Telephone cables
  • Irrigation pipes (metal)
  • Signalling cables

Basically any cable or pipe that contains or is made from metal.

EMF locators can also be used for non-conductive pipes as long as we are able to access one end of the pipe. In this case a fibreglass rod is inserted into the pipe, this rod has a conductive wire inside it through which a signal is induced and therefore the pipe can be located and traced using an EMF locator.

This method can be used for:

  • Stormwater pipes
  • Drainage pipes
  • Sewerage pipes
  • Optic fiber when laid in PVC pipe
  • Anything laid in conduit

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground penetrating radar is used when you have been unable to locate the underground service through an EMF locator. It is particularly useful for locating non-conductive plastic pipes and fibre optic cables. These cables are becoming more common and the need to use GPR to locate these is becoming more prevalent.

At SA Cable & Pipe Locating we use an RD1500 Radio Detection ground penetrating radar.

Our technicians take the GPR unit to all of our work sites so that if required we can easily complete a ground penetrating radar survey of the worksite without any delay.

The GPR detects underground services by use of an electromagnetic beam that reflects off the cables and pipes located underground and is displayed on a moving map radar screen on the GPR unit. Once detected these services are then marked by our technicians.

Results from the GPR unit can be affected by soil conditions and electrical conductivity of the worksite. Additionally use of the GPR can be time consuming as several passes over the worksite may be required to clearly identify the location of all the underground services.

Ground Penetrating Radar imaging services in Woodside and Adelaide
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Online Enquiry powered by ServiceM8
Chris Chassiotis, Pipe Camera imaging Woodside and Adelaide

Pipe Camera Inspection

We have a camera that we can send into pipes to inspect joints or find broken pipes and blockages. Also we can locate the camera head to give you the location of the problem thereby saving you time and energy digging along the whole pipe. We can also use the camera for tank inspection.

Just some examples of pipe types

  • Storm water pipes (PVC or Concrete)
  • Sewer pipes
  • Electrical conduit
  • Water pressure pipe
  • Steel pipe
  • Poly pipe
  • Irrigation pipe

Do you know how many pipes and cables run under your block?

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Acoustic Water Pipe Locating specialists Woodside

Acoustic Water Pipe Locating

Acoustic pipe locating is primarily used to locate plastic water pipes where there is no access points to send a tracer along.  It can also be utilised when a client wants a water pipe located but does not or cannot have the water supply turned off or disrupted.

This form of locating can be very helpful in finding leaks in these pipes.  Acoustic pipe locating works by a highly sensitive microphone designed to hear the water hammer or water flow noise often found in pipes.



GPS Cable and Pipe Mapping

We have the equipment to map all of the above results.  Using the above equipment, we can map a detailed file with depths, and GPS coordinates and send through to you for your records.  This can be very helpful to our clients for any future earthworks or to be able to locate for themselves and pipework needed, ie for adding to their underground structure.

We can map all and any services such as irrigation, electrical, communication, pipeworks, etc.  We can also map out fencelines, buildings, roadworks, etc and overlay the information onto a Google map or the like, to give the client a visual coordinate as well as GPS and depth.

The best part about the GPS Mapping is this can be completed at any stage of a project.  We are finding this service to be more and more popular to clients.

Some jobs that we have done that have utilised this are a local sportsground as part of their succession plan, fencing contractor, a new subdevelopment, commercial landscaper, a vineyard mapping the NBN line and their irrigation services, power upgrade to new shed on existing commercial property.

GPS mapping services Woodside and Adelaide


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Online Enquiry powered by ServiceM8

We Provide these Locating Services

  • Gas pipes
  • Fuel/oil pipelines
  • Water pipes
  • Lighting cables
  • Electrical cables
  • Telephone cables
  • Irrigation pipes (metal)
  • Signalling cables


We Service the Following Areas

  • Woodside
  • Adelaide and greater Adelaide region
  • Adelaide Hills
  • Murray lands
  • Fleurieu Peninsula
  • Barossa Valley
  • Riverland



Thanks for the prompt service guys. On time as arranged, not only that but your inspection and accurate locating has potentially saved us thousands in unnecessary excavation and concrete replacement. Highly recommended.

James, Gumeracha



Industry Certifications

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Dial Before You Dig Certified Cable Locating Company. Adelaide, South Australia
Dial Before You Dig Certified Cable Locating Company. Adelaide, South Australia

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