Pipe camera image or deformed and crushed stormwater pipe

Crushed stormwater pipe located under pavers

We got called in by a client to run our camera into the storm water system to check for leaks, as the pavers were starting to lift and they were seeing a lot of water coming out of the ground for a few days after each rain.

We were all quite surprised at what was found.

The main area of concern showed that a lot of the pipework had been squashed which was hampering the water escaping via the pipes.

We were able to pinpoint with a camera and our locator the start point of this damage and from the other end, the end point.  Now they know which pavers to lift and where to dig to repair the pipes, without having to dig the whole section up and physically inspect each metre.  Saves them a lot of manpower, hours and expense!

Pipe camera image of poorly joined PVC stormwater pipe

Poorly joined PVC pipe

Whilst there they asked us to inspect some downpipes and their underground pipework.

This area showed us where the pipes had not been glued together correctly and had come apart, also causing water leakage into the ground under pavers and garden beds.  More repair work but once it’s corrected a lot of excess water will flow correct.


Cracked pipe located with the pipe camera

Cracked underground concrete pipe


Then the concrete pipe.  Over the years, wear and tear has shown up further potential problems with joint work that has cracked over the years.

Altogether the camera was invaluable on this job, within a couple hours we had collected video and pictures to show the client and been able to mark exactly where the problems were with our sonde and locator.

Yes they have some work to do, but they can do it in stages without ripping up a whole courtyard.

Check out the pictures below to see what we could see!